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Salpse, S.A. de C.V.

SALPSE TRUCKS S.A. DE C.V, with home in street Orquídeas 19, Santa Clara, in the municipality of Tultitlan, Cp. 54940, in entity of the State of Mexico, and internet portal, is the responsible for the use and protection of its personal data, and in this respect we inform him the following thing:

In an additional way, we will use their personal information for the following secondary purposes that are not necessary for the requested service, but that they allow us and they facilitate to offer him a better attention:

  • To verify and to confirm the identity of our clients.
  • For the administration and operation of the requested services.
  • Rate of our services.
  • For the generation of requested invoices.

You are entitled to know what personal data we have of you, for what reason we use them and the conditions of the use that we give them (Access). Also, it is their right to request the correction of their personal information in case it is outdated, be inexact or incomplete (Rectification); that we eliminate it of our registrations or databases when it considers that the same one is not being used appropriately (Cancellation); as well as to be opposed to the use of their personal data for specific ends (Opposition). These rights are known as right ARCO.

For the exercise of anyone of the right ARCO, you will present the respective application through the following email:

To know more information on the terms and conditions in that their personal data will be treated, as the third with who we share their personal information and the form in that you will be able to exercise their right ARCO, you can consult the warning of integral privacy in:

The present warning of privacy can suffer modifications, changes or derived bring up to date of new legal requirements; of our own necessities for the products or services that we offer; of our practices of privacy; of changes in our business model, or for other causes.

We commit to maintain you informed about the changes that it can suffer the present warning of privacy, through our page web.